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Our courses and instructors provide predictable, when possible, scientifically-based clinical protocols through seamless integration of art and science.

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Leading edge clinical articles in the fields of Prosthodontics & Implantogy.

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Our faculty team includes clinical instructors and industry experts with multi-disciplinary expertise and experience.

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Placing implants cannot be learned in a weekend course. Take this course and it will allow you to know which cases you should treat and which ones you should refer. This course will increase your brain power guaranteed!

Dr. George Argiropoulos, St. Catherines, ON

This course was an incredible learning experience.  I was extremely impressed with every aspect and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Lin’s training to anyone seeking to add implant surgery to their daily routine.  Would actually take this entire course again, that’s how impressive it was.

Dr. Andrew Rewa, Mississauga ON