4 Key 2020 Resolutions for Your Dental Practice

Are you hoping to make the most out of your dental practice this year? From Toronto and Montreal to Calgary and Vancouver, no matter what type of dentistry you practice, every dental practice can benefit from these important resolutions. 1. Continue your education. As a dentist, you have already undergone substantial training to ensure that…learn more

A Season To Change & Educate!

The season of fall is here! As many students are in full swing with school and academics, it’s a reminder that it is a great time to continue your education too. At The Institute for Dental Excellence, we are committed to providing our students with quality Dental Continuing Education courses and opportunities. Our courses are…learn more

Advanced Principles for Implantology in Toronto!

Our Advanced Course in Toronto starts November 8-9, 2019! Our Module 1 focuses on Indirect & Direct Sinus Grafting. This advanced course is designed for experienced dentists in the field of implantology who are ready to elevate their education to the next level. Scientific research and technology progress have both contributed to the advancements in…learn more

Are You Practicing Evidence-Base Dentistry?

Mrs. Jones and her husband presented to my Prosthodontic Specialty clinic for an additional opinion regarding her treatment options to improve her existing oral condition. After conducting an interview with Mrs. Jones and completing a comprehensive clinical examination, along with diagnostic records, I presented three potential treatment plans. The advantages and disadvantages, risks and benefits…learn more

Back to School Season with T.I.D.E.

It’s that time of the year, back to school! At T.I.D.E. we believe in continuing education and providing the tools and resources to do so. The practice of dentistry requires a conscientious effort to educate, plan, and implement in order to succeed. The rapid evolution of dental technology and research knowledge necessitates that we actively…learn more

Become an Expert in Fixed Prosthodontics With Our Latest Dental Residency Program

At The Institute for Dental Excellence, we help every dentist become better equipped at every facet of treatment. That begins and ends with achieving a functional occlusion for patients. Functional — not perfect. What’s the difference? Find out during our Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics & Functional Occlusion Residency. Gain the Competitive Edge Through Advanced Studies Some…learn more

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants and Fixed Dental Prostheses

Advances in dental implant research, design and their clinical application have greatly changed dental care. Improved protocols in implant therapy over the last several decades have made implant supported restorations biologically and mechanically predictable.1-5 However, there is still a role for conventional tooth supported fixed dental prostheses.6 Full arch implant-supported restorations are increasingly popular, but…learn more

Get to Know Our Mini Implant Residency Program!

Get to know our Basic Implant Mini Residency Program! Our program is available in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Dr. Lin is a practicing prosthodontist in Toronto and also the founder and owner of The Insitute for Dental Excellence. He shares the details of this exciting program in the video below: The Basic Implant Mini…learn more