The only way to learn how to do an implant is to place implants with real patients. This course allows you to place implants in real patients. Fantastic!

Dr. Ducasse

This course was an incredible learning experience.  I was extremely impressed with every aspect and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Lin’s training to anyone seeking to add implant surgery to their daily routine.  Would actually take this entire course again, that’s how impressive it was.

Dr. Rewa

Mark’s approach to implant dentistry is refreshing. He focuses on a prosthetic driven approach which ultimately will lead to greater clinical success in implant dentistry. Lecturers are entertaining and patient-focused. I now feel ready to offer implants as a viable treatment option for my own patients.

Dr. Cerqua

The course series was a comprehensive and complete program on implants. Dr. Lin had mentioned during the series that he is going to make you a better dentist with implants. After completing the course, I can honestly say that I feel more confident in placing and restoring dental implants. The series is for the novice and also for the dentist who is more experienced. You can select your patients accordingly and all the specialist instructors are there to guide you during the program. I highly recommend that every dentist take this series as part of their implant training.

Dr. Uppal

I was quite impressed with the implant course offered by AIID. Dr. Mark Lin is an articulate and knowledgeable lecturer blending entertainment, clinical pearls, and emphasizing critical treatment planning, risk and patient management. Top lecturers from the University of Toronto were brought in including the Heads of Prosthodontics, and Periodontology. The hands-on cadaver exercises allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the anatomical structures and landmarks and simulate real-life scenarios while placing implants (e.g. possible dehiscence and fenestrations, flap design and graft placement)… but it’s all the planning and theory before we pick up a drill that is important. Another advantage of this course is the simultaneous lecturing of our auxiliaries and staff at another site. While we learn about implant theory, my office manager and assistant are learning about treatment coordination, dental photography, operatory set up and other subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will look forward to placing implants into carefully screened candidates in the future.

Dr. Chan

This course is so complete which even included “an understanding and review of the anatomical structures of the potential implant site” was excellent, that I felt more confident in treating and placing implants anywhere in the jaw. I also greatly appreciate for Dr. Lin’s thought of training our staff complimentarily and making them knowledgeable about implants.

Dr. Simon

If you want to learn to surgically place dental implants and desire a comprehensive program that will take you from A to Z, this is the program you MUST invest in. Concepts from treatment planning to surgery to prosthetic placement, from didactic principles to model preparations and actual patient procedures, this comprehensive program will give you the confidence to implement implant dentistry within your practice. The foundations of knowledge with lectures were provided from multidisciplinary specialists that are well respected in the professional field. The hands-on exercises, training on models, practice on cadavers and observations of live patient procedures served to be valuable learning experiences prior to our own live patient procedures. We then took the next step and performed surgeries and implant placements on our own cases under the guidance of multiple clinical specialists. In addition, the program trained my staff to assist and incorporate implants into the practice through the concurrent auxilliaries program. I couldn’t be happier with my choice I made by taking this program and would encourage anyone interested in adding or improving their current knowledge base in dental implants to make the decision to take this valuable course. In addition to gaining the confidence to implement dental implants in my private practice, I know I have become a much well rounded and better dentist by taking this course.

Dr. Zhang

The AIID course in implants is hands down the single greatest continuing education experience you will ever have. Thorough, systematic, organized, professional and practical. From the state-of-the art training facility, to the world class lecturers and detailed course notes, to the outstanding and dedicated course administrators–> everything is of the highest quality. Dr. Lin has the rare gift as an educator to inspire with his skill and experience as an everyday clinician whilst maintaining a humility and openness that nurtures your development and confidence in placing and restoring implants!

Dr. Schirru

Module 2 is another excellent learning experience, both theoretically & the hands-on experience. Dr. Lin is [an] engaging and motivating speaker, I look forward to Module 3!

Dr. Pate

Dr. Kokosis was excellent, knowledgeable, approachable and informative. Excellent day filled with info and hands-on training.

Dr. Patel

“Best course ever!” Proves the point you learn through doing and that’s what was done.

Dr. Riddrell

The TIDE Implant course is everything any high quality standard dentist could hope for: the theory is detailed and complete, the knowledge you acquire is outstanding and the support you get from your mentors during and after the course is unmet by any other program.  Dr Lin and his team are not afraid to challenge you, take you out of your comfort zone and force you to elevate yourself to the Elite Level we should all aim for.  You come out not only a much better practitioner but also a better person.

Dr. Boudreault

Module 2: Implant Surgical Principles:  “My first time learning about this topic and I reached my goal! To be confident of applying it tomorrow in my practice.”

Dr. Marconiah

This is indeed the best course we’ve ever attended.Dr. Mark Lin you really train our brains. We knew very little about implant and now we’re so comfortable doing even the complicated cases.
We definitely recommend this course to all dentists who are eager to add implant surgery to their practice….

Dr. Atoosa

After this weekend (surgical session) I feel comfortable placing implants, but, more importantly I know what should be referred and understand the latest bone grafting techniques by up-to-date oral surgeons, so we can describe and recommend procedures to our clients. This course has had a tremendous impact on our practice as we see things quite differently now. It is a whole new area of growth, excitement and fun. We are now even more proud of the new services we can offer our clients.

Dr. Johnson

This course has allowed me to incorporate implants into my practice from a surgical and restorative aspect by providing me with solid surgical and treatment planning foundations that I can trust.

Dr. Falconer

I think it’s the best decision of my life… when I see the operation and Dr. Lin’s course, I see that a lot of effort has gone into it… I would recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Singh

My first complete seminar with all kinds of hands-on practice, very detailed hands-on surgery.

Dr. Vasquez

Placing implants cannot be learned in a weekend course. Take this course and it will allow you to know which cases you should treat and which ones you should refer. This course will increase your brain power guaranteed!

Dr. Argiropoulos

Even an old dog can learn new tricks…I found Mark Lin’s program very comprehensive and the expert specialty staff friendly and willing to share. I recommend this course for new implant surgeons as well as a good refresher for those with experience. Thank you for providing such a professional environment in which to train our brains.

Dr. Margolian