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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Implant Residency
Advanced Implantology
Teeth in a Day
Implant Prosthetics

What category are your programs?

All our courses are Category 2, unless specified otherwise.

Are there any opportunities for additional help or follow-ups once the course is completed?

All programs offer participants continued support once they finish. Alumni are able to email Dr. Lin regarding any case questions they may have. There is also an opportunity for mentorship sessions at Dr. Lin's clinic leveraging his expertise and supervision. 

I have a preference for one particular implant system. Does your program cover only one implant system?

The TIDE program provides comprehensive training that is applicable to ALL implant systems.

Are there hands-on exercises in your programs?

The majority of our programs include a hands-on component. You will learn treatment fundamentals through lectures and then put those learnings into practice. Programs differ in the extent of hands-on opportunity so be sure to look at the specifics on each course page. We offer courses that leverage models, pig jaws, and human cadavers; some include live patient surgery. 

Are there live patient demos in this program?

Throughout all our programs, there will be video demonstrations of live patient surgeries to highlight and illustrate the topic of the discussion. You will also get a copy of these videos to keep to review anytime at your convenience.

When do I start looking for patient cases?

As soon as you register for your program.

Are the materials in this program comprehensive and up to date?

Yes, all programs are led by highly experienced and active specialists in the field. Materials and discussions are scientifically-founded and are based on the most up-to-date research on clinical implant practice. Comprehensive training manuals, clinical videos, and course notes are all provided to participants to offer additional resources on course-related topics.

What if I don't have my own patient for the live patient module?

For out of town doctors attending the Toronto course, we do our best to provide a minimum of 2 patients. For courses in other locations there may be an opportunity to treat another participating dentist's patient. Please be sure to let us know in advance if you do not have a patient for the live module so we can try our best to accommodate.

Is there help for my staff?

Implant dentistry is a team effort! It is imperative that each member of your staff is knowledgeable on implant dentistry so they can adequately engage with patients who are interested in or receiving treatment. For this reason, in all implant courses we offer additional training for your clinical and front desk staff.

How many instructors do you have and how do you pick them?

The founder and president of T.I.D.E., Dr. Mark Lin, is a specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has placed over 10,000 implants. Although he instructs most courses, for courses he does not instruct, he hand picks guest lecturers whose work and experience he is familiar with. He ensures that he is comfortable with all guest lecturers and reviews the content they will be presenting in advance to validate accuracy and alignment with the course curriculum.

What are your payment terms?

We are flexible. Please reach out if you need to arrange a payment plan to enrol in your course.

What kind of surgeries are allowed in the live patient module?

To properly prepare you for real cases you will encounter, cases with indirect sinus augmentation, ridge split, anterior implant placement with GBR, are within the scope of this program.

Does the Implant Residency meet RCDSO guidelines?

Yes, all implant programs meet and exceed the new RCDSO guidelines for surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry. They also meet all regulations outlined by governing bodies across Canada.

What is the outline of each module?

Module 1: This module will focus on treatment planning. It will include both a lecture and hands-on learning. Dr. Lin will guide you on how to identify each case, what the best treatment plan would be, and what steps are involved in carrying out that treatment plan. You will have the opportunity to work with models to learn drilling sequences and how to place implants using an implant system.
Module 2: In this module, you will have the opportunity to work hands-on with pig jaws. Our specialists will advise you on suturing and extraction techniques as well as bone grafting.
Module 3: This module will provide you the opportunity to work hands-on with cadavers. Everything you learned in Modules 1 and 2 will be applied through hands-on experience working with cadavers. In this module you will practice placing implants, bone grafting, and suturing. Working with a cadaver will simulate an experience similar to operating on a live patient, which will prepare you for Module 4.
Module 4:
Live patient surgical sessions. This module is a critical step in your training, where you will apply all the skills and techniques learned in the previous modules on live patients. 
Module 5: Impression taking techniques on models. In this module, you will focus on mastering the art of taking dental impressions. You'll start by practicing on dental models, which provides a controlled environment to refine your technique. This hands-on experience is crucial for ensuring accuracy and confidence before proceeding to real patient scenarios in the next module.
Module 6: Impression taking on patients. Building on the skills developed in Module 5, you will now take impressions on actual patients. This module is designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and capable of achieving the best possible outcomes in real clinical settings. 

If after the first 3 modules I still don't feel comfortable placing implants, what are my options?

If after the first 3 modules you do not feel comfortable placing implants, you are welcome to audit the live patient session. When you feel ready and prepared to participate, we will welcome you back to participate in Module 4 with another class. It is important to recognize if you do not feel ready and we will encourage you to come back to T.I.D.E. when you feel capable of placing implants. When you do return, we will be prepared to assist you step-by-step. 

Do I have to take the modules in order?

If you happen to miss Module 1, you can still proceed with Modules 2 and onwards, and then complete Module 1 in a subsequent session. Modules 1 through 3, and Module 5 can be attended at different locations. However, Modules 4 and 6 must be completed at the same location where you started them. It is essential to follow the sequence for the live patient sessions. 

What kinds of surgeries are allowed in the Live Patient module?

For live patient, you can bring the following cases: indirect/direct sinus, horizontal bone augmentation, and immediate.

How much experience is needed to take the Advanced program?

You are only allowed to enrol in this program if you have placed a minimum of 50 implants.

How many patients can I bring on the day of surgery?

You can only bring one patient on the day of surgery.

Can two arches be performed on the same day? 

No, due to time restrictions you can only perform one arch on the day of surgery. If you would like to perform the second arch, you can connect with us and we will coordinate a date/time for you to go to Dr. Lin's clinic where this can be completed. Placing a second arch will be an additional fee.

What modules are included in this course and do they need to be taken in order?

 Implant Prosthetics consists of Modules 1, 2 and 5 of our Implant Residency. These modules do not need to be taken in order - they can be mixed and matched across any city where T.I.D.E. courses are offered.

Does Implant Prosthetics meet the RCDSO guidelines

Yes, the Implant Prosthetics package meets and exceeds RCDSO requirements for restoration.

If I take Implant Prosthetics modules now and choose to complete the surgery module at a later date, how would that work?

You can take the package, and the fees paid will be deducted from the full residency when you decide to take it.

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